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Rural Water Services Pty Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Harvey Water, formed in 2004 and initially intended to supply non potable water to non shareholders of Harvey Water, typically on lots of less than 5ha.

A Rural Water Service replaces what was previously known as a By-Law 11.  With the introduction of the piped irrigation water system in Harvey and Waroona, new non-shareholders of Harvey Water and existing By-Law customers wanting a stock and garden supply may have the option to become a RWS customer.

Rural Water Services is guided by the Water Services Code of Conduct (Customer Service Standards) 2013 when administering its policies and procedures to ensure best practise in services provided for its customers.

Who can have a Rural Water Service?

Anyone who is close enough to Harvey Water’s pipeline, in the Harvey and Waroona Districts, may apply to connect to the service. A fixed cost applies to a direct connection to an existing pipeline but full cost recovery will be required where additional works are needed. Click on link for further Information on our Conditions of Connection or you can contact the Harvey Water office and request the ‘Connection Information Pack’, which includes an Application for a 50mm Supply Point.

Conditions of having a Rural Water Service

A Rural Water Service is only for a stock and garden supply and is intended for customers using up to 1 Mega litre (1,000 kilolitres) per year, although this is only an amount estimated for management of water supply purposes, it is not a limit.

Water supplied under a Rural Water Service is untreated water from the dams and must not be used for potable purposes including drinking, cooking, cleaning, bathing, laundry or any other household purpose and may result in serious illness, injury or death if used for any of these purposes.

For further information on THE SERVICE WE PROVIDE YOU and WHAT WE ASK IN RETURN please refer to our Customer Services Charter (Issued November 2017)

Annual Charges

Rural Water Services’ customers are required to pay Annual fixed charges ($/connection); the Asset Levy and the Access Charge. These charges are raised in 3 equal instalments at the end of July, September and December of each year, covering 1 July to 30 June.

Consumption charges ($/KL) are raised on a monthly basis during the water season, usually between September and May depending on the climate.

The Rural Water Services’ Charges for 2018/19, including other charges & penalties.