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Press Releases

Press Releases

Centre Pivot & Lateral Move Irrigation Course 23 - 24 May 2012 - Information Here

FarmReady Reimbursement Grant (Approved for Centre Pivot Course above) - Information Here

2010-2011 National Performance Reports for Urban and Rural Water Service Providers: National Water Commission (09/04/12)

Western Australia is a signatory to the National Water Initiative Agreement (NWIA). Under the NWIA, signatory governments have agreed to independently and publicly report on pricing and service quality of water service providers every year. The Authority, along with the Department of Water, represents Western Australia on the committee that oversees the production of the National Performance Reports (NPRs).

The rural report presents performance data for 13 rural water service providers, including Harvey Water and Ord Irrigation Cooperative from Western Australia. The 13 service providers covered by the report account for approximately 90% of rural water supply across Australia. The report covers performance indicators spanning service characteristics, customer service, environment and finance.


Stone Urges Cooperative Model for Goulburn-Murray Water (03/04/12)

Goulburn-Murray Water should become a co-operative, according to Federal member for Murray, Sharman Stone. Charlie Marino, Harvey Water Board Member has been invited to attend a public meeting on 11 April to discuss the issue.


Water Commission Gushes with Praise (21/03/12)

The National Water Commission has commended Western Australia on its work to diversify water supply options in the face of a drying climate and mounting pressure on scarce water resources. The Commission recently met in Perth.

Commissioners discussed Western Australian water issues with the acting Director General of the Department of Water, Maree DeLacey; the Chief Executive of the Water Corporation, Sue Murphy; and the Chairman of Harvey Water, Ian Eckersley.


Western Australia leads the way on diversified water resources (08/03/12)

The National Water Commission met in Perth this week to discuss national water reform issues including water in northern Australia, Indigenous water planning, and water and climate change.

Commissioners discussed Western Australian water issues with the acting Director General of the Department of Water Ms Maree DeLacey, the CEO of the Water Corporation Ms Sue Murphy, and the Chairman of Harvey Water Mr Ian Eckersley.


  Harvey Water inaugural winner of the 2006 Water Award for Excellence



Harvey Pipe Poject wins Engineering Excellence Award 2006