Thursday, August 13, 2020
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Irrigator Fees and Charges 

Current Fees and Charges: 2018/19 Charges

Harvey Water income is generated from fixed charges and a variable charge according to water used (volume in megalitres).  The fixed charges include an Asset Levy Contribution, Access Contribution, Dam Safety Charge, Water Storage Charge and Development Levy.

The Asset Levy is a SWIAC charge per share and forms a sinking fund to be used for the renewal and maintenance of the delivery system.

The Access Levy is paid by those connecting to the piped delivery system in recognition of the higher level of service this provides. This goes to either SWIAC or SWIMCO depending on ownership of the source pipeline.

The Dam Safety Charge is paid by irrigators to contribute to the cost of keeping the dams in safe operating condition.  It is charged on a per share basis.

The SWIMCO Water Storage Charge, also levied on a per share basis, covers the cost of storing water in the dams owned by Water Corporation.

The remaining charge per share, the SWIMCO Development Levy, helps fund research and development that will increase opportunities for irrigators.