Saturday, September 19, 2020
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Harvey Water's Corporate Strategic Plan

Our current Corporate Plan identifies four key areas which the Board and Staff have been working towards in response to challenges Harvey Water identified in 2011. As we proceed into 2017, Harvey Water is entering an exciting and challenging period facing the water distribution industry. Some of our previous goals may continue and we will also inevitably determine a number of new goals to focus our evolving direction and strategy. The process of developing a new Corporate Plan for the coming few years is currently underway. Once finalised, this will be made available on this website.

The key strategies identified in Harvey Water's Corporate Strategic Plan are:

  1. Continue to focus on the existing irrigation business and optimise water delivery services.
  2. Continue to focus on being a high value water provider.
  3. Manager external trade so interests of the company and the rights of individual irrigators are preserved.
  4. Pursue the management of Wellington Dam storage to reduce the dam's salinity
  5. Ensure security of water access for Harvey Water
  6. Develop and/or acquire new water sources
  7. Maintain the positive management culture with strong succession planning
  8. Continue to be an employer of choice
  9. Strengthen the promotion of Harvey Water

Download Harvey Water's Corporate Plan 2011 - 2016 - Here